Let’s All Plant Some Food!

Preparing additional garden beds

Last week was quite a shocker to everyone. We walked into the produce section of every supermarket and as an old friend would say, “nothing there”.

What happened?? The ship did not arrive! A friend gave me the full run down of just why the ship didn’t arrive. It left its berth in Palm Beach headed for us, developed engine troubles, diverted to repair those issues and bigger ones developed, causing the  trip to be cancelled altogether.  It was quite a challenging week with no fresh fruits and vegetables to be had.

Cherry tomatoes

My garden tomatoes are just now beginning to mature and I got just one golden zucchini from my efforts. Everything else is yet to germinate or just not yet at the fruiting stage.

I kept saying to my youngest daughter..”now do you see why its so important that you help out in the garden?” Everyone should now be planting up at least a few pots with something edible. If you can only grow lettuce, you can trade some of that for potatoes from your neighbour. If you grow potatoes, you can trade some for fish from the local fisherman. Maybe you feel you just don’t have that green thumb and even if you don’t, let this past week be a reminder that we should never allow anyone else to be in such control of our food supply. Start small, plant something in a pot and google the steps on making it grow.

Just think what could be the case if the ship did not come for two consecutive weeks. My daughter tried to convince me that it is impossible, but as an adult, I know that it is indeed possible, so I’m gonna be planting up a storm and I encourage you to do the same.

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