Our Farm Collection


We have been in research and development for over a year now. We’d been toying with a garden concept for almost five years and it took us three years just to get started. In May of 2015, we began clearing the land and then threw our hands up in frustration as a very dry season set in. We were in the middle of a drought and nothing could have prepared us for just how dry it would be. So, we gave up on planting and focused our efforts on the development of value added products from our dried peppers (which we’d grown on the deck), sorrel and any other items we could procure from other more established farmers.

Our farm collection was born and we are over the moon proud to launch our sauces, syrups, jellies and teas. They are all made from farm products sourced right here in the BVI, Jamaica and Dominica.


Our signature jelly is the Hibiscus Blossom Jelly, which is a delicate jelly made from the petals of the hibiscus sabdifera. It is delicious with toast, cheese, on yogurt or whatever your heart desires.  It is beautifully packaged and will also make a great gift.


Our syrup collection consists of two flavours commonly associated with the Caribbean, ginger and hibiscus blossoms. You can enjoy these syrups in iced tea and lemonade, as well as cocktails and they are delicious on ice cream. Our vintage packaging also makes these items great gifts.


Our sauces were created primarily to use with two dishes that we have been working on. One, a slow cooked pork and the other a spicy grilled chicken. Eventhough you cannot yet get those delicious items, you have access to our sauces to use on your own pork and chicken  dishes. Our Calypso sauce is infused with a smooth, dark Jamaican rum and our Junkanoo sauce has just the right amount of tanginess that makes it just the right accompaniment for your perfectly roasted pork butt.

Please visit our order page to begin enjoying our incredible “Farm Collection”




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