Pride and Joy

Seedlings emerging.jpg


Placing a few seeds in the earth and watching eagerly each day for them to emerge from that patch that you have nurtured as prescribed for the 4, 7 or 21 days can be nerve wrecking. However, when those little seedlings poke their heads up out of that soil, your heart is full and your ego explodes. You have brought something to life.

I have been working on my “permaculture” garden for the past few months. Having taken a drought break during the summer, I started back in October and each moment I spend outdoors digging, and building and planting, I feel a greater sense of accomplishment. I feel as if I am doing something that really matters. I am also getting many more hours of outdoor exposure, fresh, clean air and lots of vitamin D.  Much better than sitting in an enclosed office for 8-10 hours per day.

In October, I filled two of my three raised beds with soil and planted arugula, spinach, lettuce, basil, parsley, beets and radishes. I was filled with anticipation and then the rain came. Lots of it. My spinach seeds drowned, the lettuce seeds seemingly washed away, the beets rotted as soon as they came up and while the radishes pushed up quite well, they haven’t quite developed much more than leaves.  The only things flourishing are the arugula and the basil.

At the same time I planted in the beds, I also started cucumbers in pots and planted them out on the 11th of November. They are flourishing and I am waiting with bated breath to see what happens with those. I returned to gardening from a very dry summer and now it seems too much rain is falling, but in all I learn something new each day. I am learning to gauge the sun, to amend the soil, add lighting and make use of other elements, such as bamboo that grows on the other side of the yard.

While it is a struggle to tame mother nature, I am still overwhelmed with pride and joy, just being able to do something I really love.


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